Contrary to popular belief, music’s biggest night is not the eve of Glenn Danzig’s birthday but rather the annual Grammy Awards ceremony, held last night on the coast of California, USA.
The awards force us to worship the year’s top acts whom all receive immense media coverage, the distinction of being a nominee, a ticket to the show and lavish gift bags filled with stuff worth more than a poor person’s own life. Even though music is humanity’s second oldest art form next to watching people have sex, the pandering toward these artists can get to be a bit much.
That’s why nature created Jimmy Kimmel, and more specifically his famous Mean Tweets segment. It gives normal people the opportunity to bring celebrities down a peg by anonymously expressing hatred and vitriol toward them using the world’s best swear words and synonyms for excrement.  In lieu of the Grammys, last night’s edition was all about musicians and featured top-billed wailers like Drake, Blake Shelton, Wiz Khalifia and Lionel Ritchie reading out sick burns. Let’s do it: