Let’s face it: Unless you’re a chiseled hunk, sculptured babe or love-spell-knowing sorcerer, being single on Valentine’s Day is worse than being a diabetic on Halloween.
You’re forced to watch loving couples armed with teddy bears and roses stroll around town with love in their eyes and uncomfortable yet intriguing underwear beneath their clothes. The world is virtually yelling at you to get out there and find love, or at the very least a nude romp, when all you want to do is hide and eat Indian food.
If you are planning on playing along with Love Day and arranging for some sort of date, we want to help you out. We’ve created a series of coupons inspired by the type couples give each other, entitling the bearer to cute little services courtesy of the giver. Normally it’s something like “One Free Massage”, but that won’t do you much good if your date decides they hate you before dessert arrives.
So if you’re headed out on a date or planning to walk the streets to solicit attractive strangers for attention, print out the following for a quick and quirky gift that ANY single would LOVE to receive.