When the full, six-episode first season of Letterkenny drops this Sunday on CraveTV, you’ll be introduced to a colourful cast of characters that will quickly become enshrined in the golden halls of Canadian comedy.
The pillars of the show’s stellar cast are best buds Wayne and Daryl (Jared Keeso and Nathan Dales), two hicks who like their beer cold, their hay dry and their lives simple. They’ll continue a grand tradition of male-centric, Canadian comedic duos characterized by mild alcoholism, foul mouths, a fondness for plaid, and poor decision making. But despite their shortcomings, they’re always extremely loyal to one another and those they love because it’s the
Canadian way.  
Here’s a rundown of some of the company the boys will find themselves among once Letterkenny is circled on the map:


If you’re too cheap to get CraveTV, worry not because Letterkenny is comin’ to Comedy in April.