The Daily Shows longest reigning correspondent is set to kick off what we hope will be an equally long-running stint as the host of her own show. Full Frontal with Samantha Bee premieres tonight and aims to bring something different to the late night talk show landscape. Can you guess what it is? Here’s a hint:

In celebration of Bee’s groundbreaking new venture, we’re taking a look back at all the awesomeness she’s already brought to the comedy landscape since launching her television career in 2003. Check her out:
1. That time she inspired sensitivity towards the plight of disgraced Toronto mayor Rob Ford in all of us… and then gave us permission to take it back after he dragged his wife’s (ahem) anatomy into the limelight and ruined our collective appetites for… uh, everything ever.



2. When, after revealing the secret location of Canada to a wider American audience, she became the first (as far as we know) Canadian presenter of The ‘Mercun Awards. Forget Ted Cruz, this must make Donald Trump furious.


3. When she played a divorced TV judge on Bob’s Burgers on handed out the following sentence to her ex-husband:

4. That time she coined the term “brohesion”. As part of the coverage on the topic of women in the military she did for The Daily Show, Bee lampooned the idea that female soldiers in combat threatens military cohesion with an interview conducted over a carton of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Honourable mention: the time she coined the term “guynamics” (during the same interview).


5. For all those countless times she smartly and succinctly got the friggin’ job done by being smarter and funnier than the blockhead she’d been sent to interview. We heart you, Samantha Bee.


Watch Bee continue to kick butt on the job when her new show Full Frontal airs its first episode tonight at 10:30ep on Comedy!