Next year the Toronto Maple Leafs turn 100 years old, and to celebrate as well as erase all memory of the last 48 years, the team has unveiled a brand new logo.  

When the change was initially announced, speculation was rampant that the team would 
eschew tradition and go with something more modern to appeal to the all-important millennial demographic. Though they ended up with a classic look that embraces tradition, the team did toy with a few contemporary ideas that almost saw the light of day.

Since our parent company owns a sizable chunk of the Leafs, we were able to get exclusive access to some of the rejected designs. Check them out:

The team reached out to millennial hero and Toronto resident, Aubrey “Drake” Graham, to design a logo and look reminiscent of his successful collaboration with the basketball Raptors.

The Walt Disney Company pitched the team on a Star Wars-inspired logo that also celebrates the club’s 100th season and the annual renewal of hope that each season brings. MLSE loved the idea because it would appeal to a new generation of young fans that have largely ignored the franchise thanks to the ridicule and beatings fandom draws on playgrounds across the country.
The MLSE marketing team realized that millennials care more about social media than they do breakfast OR Halloween. With this data in mind, the design team put together a logo that effortlessly communicates the Leafs’ social presence that would encourage engagement across multiple platforms.

Some thought that logo was too busy so they came up with a more streamlined, QR-code version that when scanned, gives young fans exclusive deals and offers to hip restaurants, escape rooms and X-BOX. Each player’s jersey would feature a unique code that scans to bring up that player’s statistics and latest tweets.

With marijuana on the cusp of becoming legal, as well as its popularity among millennials, the team saw big opportunity to jump on the bandwagon with this groovy logo.