The lovely, talented, and incredibly wealthy Hank Azaria was a guest on last night’s Nightly Show and Larry took the opportunity to ask him a question that Simpsons fans have always wanted to know: Out of three popular characters he voices on the show—Apu, Comic Book Guy and Chief Wiggum—whom would he fuck, marry and kill if given the opportunity.

Since The Nightly Show is serious about their guests keeping it 100, you can guarantee that Azaria’s answer is the truth. Even if this is the sort of information that you feel ruins the sacred relationship between voice actor and character, the exclusive clip still has tons of great uncensored swearing and Azaria breaking into the famous voices that have made him more money than the entire GDP of Lesotho.

Watch below, obviously, and check out last night’s full program that doesn’t have swearing because it was actually aired on TV.