Due to my age and fondness for G-Funk, I don’t know much about hip hop post-1999, so I’d never dare give an opinion on a modern song or artist based solely on a snippet I happened to hear or a picture of someone on one of those “meme” things. But there is this one guy named “B.o.B” who despite mountains of solid scientific evidence to the contrary, took to Twitter recently to insist that the Earth is flat, forcing me to form the opinion that he is a ‘dimbus’.
I wasn’t the only one. It really got to famed science-knower Neil deGrasse Tyson, who decided to step in and correct the rapper using scientific facts that have been around longer than pants have been in fashion.

Adhering to the strict guidelines of modern hip hop feuds, B.o.B then released a diss track with words and phrases aimed at Tyson, which was met with a diss track aimed back at him courtesy of Tyson’s rapper nephew who goes by the name “Tyson”. Confused?

Last night the battle made its way to the airwaves when Neiler made an appearance on The Nightly Show to set things straight once and for all. Check out the piece below, which will probably do a better job at explaining everything than I just did, or if you prefer The Daily Show, click this Internet exclusive vid with Trevor Noah's take