If you’re a left-leaning Canadian Internet user with a mild interest in American politics then chances are you’re familiar with Bernie Sanders, the unlikely DNC candidate whose socialist policies and refreshingly honest approach have given him a seemingly legit shot at beating Hilary Clinton in the primaries.

To the rest of you, the thought of a socialist American presidential candidate may be ridiculous, but Bern-Dogg seems to be gaining steam, especially among young people and minorities. His willingness to take on big banks, gun nuts and inequality have certainly helped but he’s also been popping up hip websites and TV programs such as The Nightly Show, proving to young voters he’s “with it” despite being like, 90 years old.

The Sand Man showed up on last night’s show for a nice, chunky interview with Larry that lasted way too long to be fully broadcast. But thanks to our intimate business relationship with Comedy Central, we’re able to give you the FULL, 18-minute interview where Bernie talks about all sorts of stuff that’s been pissing him off like gun control, debt, and Donald Trump. He’s got a very Canadian attitude that would mesh well with the cool vibes of Justin Trudeau should he miraculously win the presidency-- imagine how cute that would be?

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