You can sit there on your Christmas stool and pretend that the holidays are all about family, friends, religion and warm drinks, but let’s now kid ourselves—it’s all about cash, baby. Stores and hustlers are raking in millions from gift sales while we regular folk are getting bled dry and secretly wishing that Santa will bring us a sack of paper clams instead of merriment and the latest Lego.
With this in mind we present to you a new comedic short that shows just how far the you’s and me’s of the world will go for a bit of lettuce. By watching it and sharing it you’ll be supporting the Canadian economy (the thing that helps us do money) because it was created in Canada, by Canadians, for Canadians, and any other English-speaking nation.
It’s called Lottery and was birthed by Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll, Timothy Moore, Marianna Khoury and Gavin Whelehan. You’ll recognize comedy stars like Chris Locke, Gwynne Phillips, Kayla Lorette and Miguel Rivas among the many actors who fill it with humanity. Since we don’t get paid by the word around here I’m going to keep this short and get to it. May cash fill your stocking this holiday time! 

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