Dear You,
How are you? I am fine. Do you want to laugh right now? Good, me too. We all need a good laugh sometimes. Did you know there are thousands of free little jokes on Twitter? We combed through like, 20 of them, and these are the best ten. See you soon!

Our first tweety is from a guy who will be slamming into Vancouver in February for JFL NorthWest. He can probably re-use this joke by subbing “subway” with “monorail”, right? I’ve never been.

This next block is from a bunch of Vancouverites who will probably be sniffin’ around the festival as well:
Toilet Cop: The Boy In Brown.
Not sure the Whibster deserves this but sick burn nonetheless.
Ever worked a Soup Juke?
Here’s my inspirational quote: “Dream Big, Love Big, Eat Big, Kill Small”.
The rest of these guys aren’t from Vancouver but they probably could find it on a map.
Nothing gets the dance floor goin’ like the smooth tones of Ira Glass.
Unless that kid can grow apples out of his/her ears, not likely.
I really like their NASCAR brand hot dogs.