We’re going to keep running this feature until MySpace makes its long-awaited comeback so stop rolling your eyes, turn off your brain, adjust your screen’s hue and enjoy the tweetage.

If true then The Phantom Menace is a smoothie.

A cat’s every thought would probably be “I doooonnnnn’t caaaaare”
In some countries hot goat spit is carbonated and given to little boys on their 9th birthdays.
Great idea, Mark! I’m calling mine, “Blibby”.
Back when boxing was a real man’s sport.
I don’t know about you, but the thought of anyone jumping into piles of garbage always gets me smilin’.
Ah man, I just bought a 2-4.
Pretty crazy that he never got to use the Internet.
Keep fightin’, Nick!
We always like to end on a cute one: