What’s up with the environment these days? Seriously, we don’t know. On the one hand SeaWorld is finally putting an end to making whales do flips for treats, while over in Montreal they’re dumping a bunch of poo into the river. Are things getting better or worse? Is ice melting or freezing? Should we still be eating hot dogs?
According to self-proclaimed “science guy” Bill Nye, we should be optimistic in the face of looming environmental disaster because we have the power to CHANGE THE WORLD. Nye rode his granola-powered gyro-copter to the Nightly Show last night and sat in on a panel that also included comedians Bridget Everett and Rory Albanese to discuss our world and take advantage of the premium crackers in the green room. Thankfully there were cameras around to catch all the action and we’ve got a web-exclusive extended version of the panel that will stimulate your eyes, brain and data plan. If you’re a teacher and feel way too lazy to teach anything today, this would make a good video to play in lieu of an actual lesson, allowing you to relax while gaining valuable respect from your students who think you're pretty lame most of the time.
For more funny news type stuff, watch last night’s full episode and tune in tonight at 11:30ep for a fresh show featuring author Shonda Rhimes.