Greetings web surfer! You’re here for one of four reasons:
1. You’re a huge fan of Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Mean Tweets segments and are can’t wait to watch the latest edition.
2. You love country music and are excited to watch your favourite stars be good sports by partaking in this funny bit.
3. You hate country music and are excited to watch its biggest stars read incredibly mean things about themselves on national TV / international Internet.
4. You’re using this page as a decoy tab to hide the fact you’re searching for nude pictures of country’s hottest stars.
Yes, country music; like black licorice you either love it or hate it. Whatever side you lie on, Mean Tweets is the perfect way for fans and detractors to come together as one to enjoy a few laughs at the expense of artists like Carrie Underwood, Willie Nelson, Tim McGraw and others who celebrate pickup trucks, light beer and denim. Let's ride...


Make sure you watch Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight at midnight because Hillary Clinton, Bob Odenkirk and David Cross will be there, and they’ve always supported you so it’s the least you can do.