Canadians are scared of lots of things like the exchange rate, Rex Murphy’s old hairdo, beer-less refrigerators and our favourite football team losing by a rouge to a hated rival. We tend to fear realistic stuff, which is way different than the attitude of our American neighbours who are generally scared of grosser and far more sinister things thanks to their long history of ghoul sightings and goblin attacks.
It’s tough to articulate the fears of an entire nation but the folks in the television biz managed to do so in the form of American Horror Story, which appeals to the country’s dark side with tales of murderers, psychos, witches, freaks and hotel managers. The show would never work in Canada because we don’t believe in hotels, but that didn’t stop the gang at Conan from imaging what a Canuck version might be like.
Follow Calgarian Conan staffer Levi MacDougall as he discovers a spine-tingling terror on the dark streets of Moose Jaw in the following tease for Canadian Horror Story. Make sure you don’t watch this before supper because it might scare the appetite right outta ya!

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