Apologies to those of you who don’t follow sports—we’ve been pretty Jays-heavy around here lately so to water things down ahead of tonight’s ALCS opener, here’s a fun grab bag of hilarious tweets that has something for everyone.

Let’s start with the two comics who will be on this weekend’s double pack of The Half Hour season 4. Up first is Liz Treyger who like most of us is constantly dealing with yogurt issues:

If Hampton Yount wasn’t high do you think he would’ve said “In Utero”?
With baseball distracting us it’s been tough keeping up with hockey news. Here’s doodler Mike Winters on what it’s been like watching the supposedly improved Edmonton Oilers:
We’re allowed to post one Jays tweet:
Sounds scarier than the original.
We should be talking about the election, so here are two informed jokes on the subject from two beauty Canadians:
Genus: Tweet, Species: Wordplay.
Playboy's loss of nudity is Megan Anram's gain:
Feels like it’s time for decent another Cosby joke:
If you don’t have a Halloween costume idea yet, here’s one: