This week we’re poppin’ the cork on a Chewbacca-sized bottle of champagne and toasting to the new Daily Show (and the Blue Jays) with tweets from some of the show’s correspondents!

Roy Wood Jr. has already been in two excellent bits in the show’s short, three episode history. Those kind of numbers deserve a lead-off spot:

Jordan Klepper has gone from show rookie to reliable veteran and it’s because of hard work, bribes and jokes:
Al Madrigal is ready for hurricane AND Oscar season.
Next we’d like to honour some of the comics competing in tonight’s SiriusXM Top Comic competition happening TONIGHT at JFL42! Some of our nation’s finest will be joke-battling for the title and a cool $15,000 (Canadian currency) PLUS Harland Williams will headline!

First up, Halifax’s Ryan Dillon:

Ottawa’s Nigel Grinstead on the importance of voting:
Trixx from Toronto—and anyone from Vancouver—knows about the harsh truths that come with big playoff runs:
Thanks Steph, gonna set one tonight!
The remaining tweets are from more JFL42 comics who you can catch as the festival slowly winds down before ending on Sunday.

They don’t think highly of babies either.

This probably true story from Nikki Glaser would make a great dream:
Pete Holmes might’ve solved the mystery of Donald Trump: