It’s been exactly one month since Trevor Noah took over The Daily Show and despite what Jon Stewart loyalists prophesized, the world is still relatively intact and the show is still damn good.
It must have been very difficult for Noah to make the transition from unknown South African hunk to heroic American news man, but thankfully he had a good support system around him including a very cute sounding mother. With his show on hiatus for the week Noah was able to head west to L.A. for some much needed rest and talk show appearances, giving him the opportunity to reveal some advice this mother of his gave him ahead of his new gig. Check out the tale below as told to James “Jimmy” Kimmel on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Noah also divulged tidbits on his big move to the States, including a dicey episode in Texas where he was nearly deported. Since you’re already here you might as well watch it as well: