Sam Simon lived one of the raddest lives ever—he wrote on shows like Cheers and Taxi, dedicated his life to animal activism, worked as a storyboard artist, managed boxers, played poker professionally and, oh yeah, co-created The Simpsons.

Sam succumbed to terminal cancer last March and in keeping with his well-known philanthropic spirit, donated his vast fortune to various charities. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t as saintly or as wealthy as Sam and usually expect something in return when parting with money, but thanks to an upcoming auction you can be charitable AND be rewarded for it.

On October 22, Sotheby’s will auction off a treasure trove of Simpsons-heavy Sam Simon memorabilia including animation cels, autographed scripts, concept art, cool jackets, sports stuff and even a pinball machine. If you happen to win an item, your hard-earned clams will go to charity, while the item itself could go toward impressing your emotionally-distant, Simpsons-loving father come Christmas.

If money isn’t something you generally have on hand to waste on this kind of thing, it’s still worth checking out all the awesome stuff, which is like strolling through a weird virtual museum that celebrates both television and boxing history. Be sure to take a look and get your Simpsons fix all month long on Comedy with our annual Treehouse of Horrorathon!