Our immense power and limitless resources gained us unparalleled access to JFL42 in Toronto, so we took full advantage by immersing ourselves in the festival while also stealing as many branded pens as possible.
After sifting through hours of footage and chewing on hundreds of pens, we put together a few cool videos with the help of some of our festival picks that we truly believe you’ll enjoy unless you don’t speak English.
In the first video we pitted several different and seemingly random things against each other and asked Chris Gethard, Andy Kindler, Rhys Darby and Joe Mande to choose a side. When we say “seemingly random” we mean that the questions were actually deeply researched with the results being sent to a top-secret marketing firm who will use the data to decide on the flavour of a new cereal that’s meant to be eaten at dinner.
Please enjoy and stay tuned for more!