Here’s a question for YOU: If you had the privilege of meeting your favourite comedians in the lounge of a hip downtown hotel, what would you do? Seriously, let us know because every time we’re in that situation we get flustered and beg them to memorize our birthdates so we’ll be friends forever. Once the dust settles and the police leave they’re usually courteous enough to answer a few pre-prepared questions but we’re left with the feeling that we’re not very cool or well-liked. That’s exactly what happened last week when we hit the Pantages Hotel in Toronto for our own little JFL42 junket!
We had the pleasure of embarrassing ourselves in front of five of our festival pics: Kate Berlant, Andy Kindler, Chris Gethard, Rhys Darby and Joe Mande. The result is the following video, which is heavily edited to remove all the parts where the comics made faces like this after each question was asked:

Just kidding, they loved us and asked for our phone numbers, which we politely declined because we’re professionals. Enjoy the video and share with your friends because that’s how Internet videos get popular and we could really use the statzzzzzzz: