The Internet may have given us instant access to our favourite stores, friends overseas and unlimited nudity, but it’s also birthed a new breed of criminal that’s been terrorizing computer-illiterate middle-aged people and confusing law makers worldwide.
Take this recent case that’s disrupted the normally sleepy hollow of Peoria, Illinois. A young Twitter mastermind created an account parodying Mayor Jim Ardis, falsely attributing outlandish statements to the civic leader and painting him as a boozing philanderer. Displeased that the account’s fifty followers were getting the wrong impression of him, Ardis took swift legal action, believing that legal action could actually shut down the account and bring justice to a high school student. Ardis and the town’s elderly were then shocked to find out that parody accounts are totally legal and that the proceedings actually worked in the youth’s favour as he eventually sued the city for violating his constitutional rights.
Please watch the full report from The Daily Show's Jessica Williams and decide for yourself who’s innocent and who’s guilty. If you choose the former it probably means you’re only reading this because someone left it open on one of the library computers you rely on because you think it’s silly to own one yourself.