On Tuesday’s Daily Show our new boy Trevor Noah joked about all the pandering going on amongst U.S. presidential candidates, and last night he welcomed a real deal panderer in the flesh, presidential hopeful and Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie.
Christie was looking to pander to the informed, left-leaning legions of Daily Show fans that’ve enjoyed watching Jon Stewart make fun of him over the years, while distinguishing himself from current Republican front-runner and famous hair-haver, Donald Trump. This was Noah’s first opportunity to confront a major political figure with hard-hitting questions and light-hearted jabs a la Stewart, and we think he did a tremendous job, bringing up issues like immigration, Social Security and bipartisanship.
It’d be a lot more fun for us if Noah were to interview candidates in the upcoming Canadian federal election but unfortunately not one single American citizen is aware of its existence. Since New Jersey is pretty close to Canada, this might be as good as we’re going to get.
Enjoy the interview and if you’ve got the time and the guts, watch last night’s full episode pretty please!