Every tweeter featured today is viewable live at this year’s JFL42 in Toronto so pay close attention, judge these jokes harshly and decide who you’ll be using valuable credits on!

The Pope is in the United States, prayin’, wavin’ and trying a double cheeseburger for the first time. Such a momentous occasion calls for momentous jokes!

What’s the Toronto equivalent to whipping batteries? Probably smiling politely.
Mark Little is part of sketch troupe GET SOME and in this tweet imparts some wisdom regarding your horrible taste in music:
Those of you coming into town from Hamilton should go see Pat because he’s spent a lot of time in your fair city lately:
Aparna Nancherla should write next year’s Emmy Awards.
Kyle Kinane is one of our faves so we hope he can escape his parents’ house soon.
Speaking of tattoos, one of this year’s New Faces – Characters, has some congratulations for some of you:
A beautiful thought from the one and only Kurt Braunohler:
We think Kate Berlant could get inspired by Toronto’s many Portuguese sports bars.
Julia Hladkowicz will be on the New Faces – Stand-Up show unless she’s in the hospital.