A comedian’s brain is a complex network of veins and goo, constantly pulsating to create humour while often fighting off crippling depression. As comedy journalists it is our job to try to extract information from these brains to give you the inside scoop on the inside goop. Rather than use complex surgical procedures that could permanently damage some of our faves, we prefer a far less invasive method.
While chillin’ behind Montreal’s famed Club Soda during Just For Laughs this year, we set up a camera and a microphone to capture the hopes, thoughts, dreams and swear words of some of the festival’s finest funnies. In the segment you’re hopefully about to watch, we asked them what the funniest word in their head was at that exact moment. We can’t say you’ll learn anything by watching it unless you’ve been homeschooled your whole life and are not familiar with the language of the street.
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