Most “normal” children are in school RIGHT NOW learning about friggin’ manners and the solar system. That’s totally fine if we want a future full of polite, boring know-it-all sun worshippers but if you ask us the world could use more comedians. Since the public and private school system doesn’t teach the disciplines of stand-up, improv, sketch and fart noises in their curriculums, it’s up to parents to strengthen their children’s funny bones and this time milk won’t help.
If you have, or are a child, please watch the following video where we asked a handful of the world’s best comedians how they’d teach an 8 year old to tell a joke. The lessons in this video are priceless but due to our relentless pursuit of a world dominated by hilarity, you can watch for free.
Please also consult the other videos we’ve released as part of this education series concerning poutinefunny words and late night talk show bandleaders. And for a more immersive educational experience, take your child to 
JFL42 in Toronto where some of comedy’s top minds will congregate for a series of comedic demos that will show the benefits of a funny life. Enjoy!