Trevor Noah had to be careful in selecting guests for his first week on the job. He doesn’t need anyone upstaging him or making him look bad and he needs to maintain the same guest rhythm that Jon Stewart perfect over his sixteen-year tenure. On paper it looks like the inaugural lineup will work just fine with a good mix of funny people, serious people and people who know how to sing words over music to create an emotional experience. THEY ARE…
September 28
The one and only KEVIN HART who should provide some much needed tension relief once Noah gets through the bulk of his premiere episode.
September 29
WHITNEY WOLFE, founder and CEO of Bumble, a dating app that is apparently a lot like Wolfe’s first project, Tinder. Whitney will give Trevor the chance to show off his smoooooooth side, which should intensify the already sky-high swoonage people are feeling toward the dashing host.
September 30
Noah will sit down with GOVERNOR CHRIS CHRISTIE to get serious and talk some politics after joking and seducing his way through nights one and two.
October 1
Musician RYAN ADAMS bats cleanup and gives Noah a chance to rest while Adams no doubt plays a song off his Taylor Swift cover album, providing a nice cool down for both the audience and staff after a long week.
You can watch all these guests take the stage next week on Comedy at 11ep!