We caught up with Trevor Noah in Montreal after his excellent Just For Laughs gala show back in July but it was too early for him to divulge any juicy Daily Show tidbits. Because we’re not best friends with him we haven’t been able to stay in touch but thanks to the immense resources of Rolling Stone magazine who were able to secure an interview, we now have a general idea of what the first week of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah will be like.
We’re particularly excited for the format of week 1, which Noah describes as a “four-part miniseries”:
The first episode will be a reintroduction of the show — but you can't just go off one episode like, Oh I know what this is about, I know what this is. It takes a lot more time. You're building a relationship. So what we're doing is dividing the first week into a four-part miniseries that will set the tone for what we hope the show will be.
Much of the conversation is dedicated toward issues of diversity and political correctness which led Noah to reveal what his staff is like:
Well, already we have people coming in and the racial diversity of the correspondents has gone up dramatically. I won't tell you who they are but you will see them. Gender-wise, we've got a ton of great female writers, too. In the new submissions, 40 percent of the final writers we decided to go with are female. And finding those voices is difficult but we're lucky in that I've worked with great people of every color and I've worked with fantastic female writers as well. So we're bringing that into the room.
Those numbers seem a bit off if we are to believe this rundown of the writing staff from Splitsider. In any case it’s going to be a very exciting beginning to a new chapter in the giant book called “Late Night TV Comedy” so don’t forget to tune-in SEPTEMBER 28 at 11ep to either enjoy or unfairly judge the brand new Daily Show!