Getting youth to vote is like trying to get rich people to rake their own leaves—there’s no reason they can’t do it themselves but since they aren’t forced to they’d rather do other things like taking pictures of their Fabergé Eggs for insurance purposes. That’s not the best analogy in the world but you get the point—it’s almost leave rakin’ season!

Just kidding dude, this is about voting. Republican and Democratic nominees in Lower Canada are currently embroiled in tight races to become their party’s pick for Prez. With the clock slowly ticking away to whenever it is those decisions are made, the remaining candidates are pulling out all the stops to appeal to as many voters as possible. One such strategy is to lock up the youth vote by having candidates associate themselves with mega-celebs whom the youth are like, totally into. Ben Carson has been sucking up to Kanye West on the Republican side while Democrat Hilary Clinton has been aligning herself with premium cable’s Lena Dunham. If this were a blog post on a more opinionated website we’d go on about how this is dumb but thankfully we have The Daily Show to do it for us!
Watch this video for more and make sure you watch last night’s show in its entirety for informed jokes about politics, the world and maybe sports?! Let's go Blue Jays.