Comedy Records is going down! Not in a ball of flames, no, but down south to bring our American friends a taste of the comedy stylings of some of Canada’s funniest standups. What do we get out the deal? More gifs of Donald Trump’s hair in high winds? Probably. But also new live comedy records (finally, a company that lives up to their name).
Manhattan and Miami have already hosted two of our country’s finest: comedians Alex Pavone and Christina Walkinshaw. Their sets were recorded for a new series of EPs in an effort to bring much-needed exposure to the best comedians our country has to offer. 
Pavone, a JFL Homegrown Competition runner up, recorded his set at the New York Comedy Club in, you guessed it, New York City. Owner Emilio Savone is enthusiastic about his new import business. “We’re big fans of Canadian comics. Canada produces some of the best comedians in the work. We’re excited to be working with Comedy Records to help showcase them here in New York.” The resulting EP, 
Alex Pavone, Live From New York Comedy Club was released today and is available digitally
Mike Levine’s Comedy Inn in Miami hosted Just For Laughs feature performer Walkinshaw. “We’re really excited to expand our lineup to include Canadian comedy,” says the club owner. “If Christina’s performance is any indication of what we can expect, this series of albums is sure to be a big success.” Walkinshaw's It's Taking A Long Time To Become Famous Live From The 
Comedy Inn will be released digitally on September 25.