We’re extremely confident that Trevor Noah will provide a fresh and scathing perspective on the epic saga that is the 2016 U.S. Presidential election once he takes the Daily Show wheel in September, but with so much stupidity emanating hourly from the campaigns, he’s really missing out. You don’t have to miss out though because Larry Wilmore and his Nightly Show team are currently running at full power while Donald Trump and the rest of the Republican Party are embroiled in a ridiculous candidacy race that’s begging to be made fun of.

On last night’s program Larry brought us up to speed on the election’s biggest headline grabber and his recent, childlike behaviour. If you’re a proud Canadian who’s been ignoring this political circus in favour of our own, slightly less ridiculous election, the following clip is a very good summation of the storm of controversy that Trump has brewed up on his quest to become the world’s most powerful person. You’d think that such an unabashed asshole would sink in the polls with each passing day yet Trump’s numbers continue to climb, which may be the first sign that the world is ending. This is good news for the sake of jokes, but for the sake of all humanity let’s pray that his campaign eventually takes a spectacular nosedive into the toilets of history.

If you’ve got the time and bandwidth, check out last night’s full episode of the Nightly Show and if you've got the cable subscription, tune in tonight at 11:30ep for more !

At this point you're probably pretty pissed at Trump so to wash away the taste, enjoy the Roast of Donald Trump where a bunch of comedians make fun of him to his weird face: