You know what would be really fun? To travel back in time to the early nineties or something and tell everyone that after a black U.S. president served back-to-back terms, the following election finds Donald Trump entering the race alongside a fifteen-year-old independent from Iowa named “Deez Nuts”. You’d probably be committed to a mental hospital only to re-engage your time matrix and arrive back in 2015 to a different future where chocolate doesn’t exist because you bought a pack of gum in the past.
Anyway, it feels like Mike Judge’s Idiocracy is slowly becoming a reality because we’re not kidding about the Deez Nuts thing.  
In an election race that didn’t really need to get any sillier, Deez Nuts has added substantial fuel to the fire mostly due to his age and hilarious name. The Nightly Show has been following the election closely and is totally into Deez Nuts, even prompting contributor Mike Yard to quit the show to work on the campaign. Let’s take a look:

As always we offer access to the full episode from which this clip was masterfully extracted: