On Monday, Larry Wilmore brought us ignorant Canadians up to speed on the Republican side of the U.S. Presidential election, which basically boils down to Donald Trump being a total turd. The Democratic race tells a different story, insomuch as those involved don’t appear to blame Mexicans for all of America’s problems. On last night’s Nightly Show, Larry talked about the new craze sweeping American Democrats and that craze is called BERNIE SANDERS. His name may not be too exciting, nor his stature or image, but his campaign is on fire and Hilary Clinton is feeling the Bern.
In the following clip from the show you’ll get all the Sanders news you need to make informed conversation at the next birthday party you attend. Even though it’ll be tough for the Sand-man to topple Hilary Clinton, he seems to be gaining momentum by being a far more exciting candidate who mixes passion with progressive policy and maybe a dash of socialism. Find out more by watching the clip or by doing some actual research at an actual library in an actual American town after actually crossing the border using your actual passport.

Here’s last night’s full episode in case you’re out on boat in the middle of the ocean and need something to do until those delightful whales come back and dance for you again. And tune in tonight at 11:30ep for a freshly shot and perfectly edited new ep!