The majority of history’s greatest film directors have had a close relationship with their source material—Martin Scorsese drew from his rich Italian family history, Quentin Tarantino from his favourite movies and James Cameron from his experiences on a top secret military mission to a planet full of tall blue elves. Comedian Mike Birbiglia began his oeuvre with Sleepwalk With Me, the tale of his stand-up beginnings set against the backdrop of a rocky relationship and somnambulism, and word is now out that his follow-up will also be set in the surprisingly dramatic world of comedy.
Don’t Think Twice will follow the ups and downs of an improv troupe who have to deal with the closing of their theatre as well as a team member catching a huge break and getting a gig on TV. For added realism, Birbiglia has employed an experienced team of comedy beings to fill out the cast including Keegan-Michael Key, Chris Gethard, Gillian Jacobs and Kate Micucci. The comedic drama will aim to highlight the bitterness that can occur between comedians when someone achieves their dream while leaving their peers to wonder if they’re ever going to make it. For comedy fans who’ve wondered what non-famous comedians’ lives are like offstage, this sounds like it’ll be an accurate depiction.
While we wait for the movie’s release, let’s not just sit here and twiddle our tongues. Here’s the trailer for Sleepwalk With Me that makes it look like this post is longer than it actually is.