The general consensus is that growing up stinks because it comes with new responsibilities, frightening amounts of independence and no more toys. There are positives though, the most important being that as we age we get a stronger sense of who we are, realizing that some of what we did and felt when we were younger was totally dumb.
Fans of Mark DeBonis’ debut stand-up album know him as an easy-going slacker-type whose Scarborough upbringing influenced his personality and his comedy. Almost exactly a year after the release of the excellent God Amongst Super Gods, DeBonis is back with a fresh EP out today on Comedy Records, and it seems like the comic has done some growing up, having learned a lot about himself.

Thankfully DeBonis’ style remains the same with witty observations and perspectives on the mundane aspects of his life, but there are definitely signs of maturity sprinkled throughout. To mentally prepare you, here are six signs of the older, wiser Mark DeBonis that you’ll meet when listening to Mind Pockets.
He’s learning new things about his friends
Mark got into comedy partly because he had a friend who always laughed at his jokes. But he probably started second-guessing this ballsy career choice after finding out that the friend is, and always has been deaf. Thankfully Mark has no problem replacing an old friend with a better one provided they look exactly the same.
He’s now giving advice to others
Rather than ignore a guy on the street who kept shouting “Josh! Josh! Josh!” at him, the more mature Mark took time to explain to the guy that he is not Josh and that Josh probably doesn’t like him if Josh’s thing is to ignore his friends when beckoned.
His diet has improved
After years of smelling, eating and enjoying pizza, Mark had an epiphany when he realized that maybe it’s not the pizza he’s always loved, but the cardboard that always accompanies it. This helped him lose over fifty pounds, mostly in his neck area, which might've got so fat because of the lazy food he’d eat that didn’t have the energy to move down to his stomach.
He’s starting his own company
His weight loss prompted lots of people to ask how he did it, which inspired a business idea based on his successful “DeBonis Common Sense Diet”. If you’re having trouble losing weight, call him up and tell him what you’re about to eat. He’ll then repeat it back to you and ask if it makes sense. If the answer is “no”, Mark hangs up and hopefully you resort to eating something that won’t make you fat.
He’s been exercising
Mark is not a fan of people talking about running for exercise because nobody cares but the runner.  So to tell us about his own success in running he had to write a whole joke about not talking about it.

His tennis balls intake is down 3000%
Remember when you were a kid and fresh tennis balls seemed to be everywhere? Mark tells us about his adult relationship with tennis balls and how if he does find one—which is rare—it’s usually covered in garbage and on the brink of falling into a sewer.  
Mind Pockets is available now on iTunes. Purchase one yourself through the link in this tweet!