The ideal monarch is fair, kind, and sympathetic toward the everyday struggles of the kingdom by adjusting taxes, land and pigs accordingly. The reigning king of stand-up comedy, Louis C.K., has proven himself to be a worthy ruler who consistently doles out premium content to his subjects at a reasonable price. Over the weekend C.K. decreed a comedy fan doth not break the bank on his new live album, Live at Madison Square Garden, by letting them pay whatever they want for it. The default price is set at five dollars but you are able to go as low as one dollar and as high as eighty-five in case you’ve recently stolen money from your deadbeat dad and feel like wasting it on something cool.

The low price is due to the fact that some of the material is already on his excellent Live at the Comedy Store special and because Louis thinks the sound quality isn't the best due to the cavernous nature of the famous venue. Live at Madison Square Garden is audio-only and can be streamed directly from Louis’ site or downloaded as an MP3 of FLAC file, whatever that is. Check out a preview if you’re not yet convinced.

Since we’re the beloved monarchy of all things comedy in Canada, we present to our loyal subjects the gift of Louis’ appearance on Jon Stewart’s second last Daily Show where the new album is mentioned in passing. All hail relevancy!