The Junkyard Dukes are a four-man team of Toronto-based sketch dudes who recently released their first self-titled album. If you’re the type of person who’s all like, “Sketch? If it’s not Saturday Night Live I don’t care”, rest assured knowing that Dukes Andy Auld, Joel Buxton, Daryn McIntyre and Phil Moorhead are seasoned sketch veterans and alumnus’ of The Sketchersons, winners of multiple Canadian Comedy Awards.

Fans of sadness and gloom need not listen because the album is full of hilarious material ideal for comedy fans and those who need a laugh on one of those days that totally stinks. The mix of short audio sketches (the album’s longest track comes in at just over five minutes) and the odd catchy tune make for a breezy listen that never drags, proving these guys know how to construct bits that are pure laughs, no gaps. Most tracks start with simple premises that evolve into completely crazy and unexpected endings so don’t bother showing the album to the confused elderlies in your life unless they’re somehow related to one of the boys.

The album’s one running bit of various professionals doing their job with a help from a helium balloon doesn’t get old and proves that funny voices are still an important tool in the sketch tool box that’s shaped like those chattering teeth toys. That being said the Dukes smartly avoid relying on over-the-top voice work and most often utilize their own non-silly voices, which allows listeners to get to know the guys individually so that by the end they can pick a favourite member.

In an era when improv and stand-up are the current queens of comedy form, the Junkyard Dukes prove that sketch is very much alive and very ideal for a fun auditory experience.  Find out more about the Junkyard Dukes on their Facebook page and/or head over to iTunes to grab the album!