As we told you last month, The Daily Show is hoping to include a who’s who of Jon Stewart enemies when the final episode airs on August 6th. A no-brainer invitee in this context, Donald Trump handled the invitation with his usual mix of blowhard and buzzkill, leaking the surprise to the press. On the off chance that some of Stewart’s fans might have missed the original reports, Trump decided to spill additional details to The Hill, insisting that Stewart is "begging" him to make an appearance.


"I would do it," he said. "The problem is it looks like pandering. It looks so false and so phony if I do it." Of course, moments earlier Trump said "I like Jon Stewart," proving that his aversion to falseness only applies when not talking about comedians who ridicule him mercilessly.


Only time will tell if the business magnate/politican/reality show host caves, but we’re not holding our breath. For a better sense of why this appearance is unlikely to happen, watch the below clip of Stewart celebrating the comic gold that is Trump’s presidential run.