Come September Trevor Noah will have to go on TV four nights a week for who knows how many years once he takes over The Daily Show from Jon Stewart who did it for a mind-boggling 16. Until then he’ll only have to appear on TV sporadically to talk about how nervous and excited he is and to try to get the public to get to know him so the revamped show can hit the ground runningand what better way to start than to hit the talk show circuit?

Noah opened up about getting the gig to James Corden—a guy who knows a thing or two about being unknown to American viewers—on last night’s Late Late Show and because the show is on SO late you probably missed it. Since anything Noah-related is hot stuff right now, the Late Late Show team has dropped some of the interview on YouTube for everyone to enjoy. Rather than force you to go find it, we’ve embedded it below. Noah talks about getting the call to host and how he’s trying to enjoy the calm before the mega storm awaiting him in September.

Don't forget: Jon Stewart’s final week of Daily Show hostage is next week !!!

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