Greetings comedy fans! We’re typin’ to you LIVE from the world’s biggest and best comedy festival, JUST FOR LAUGHS, in beautiful Montreal, Quebec. We’ve assembled a crack team of Comedy employees to bring you full coverage of the meatiest part of the fest, and by "assembled" we mean forced because it’s part of their job.

Most of the team successfully checked into the hotel today except for one guy whose reservation got lost and is now billeting at a house filled with French clowns. Last we saw he smelled like ash and rubber and his nose got pierced—only in Quebec!

As we were waiting for the hotel staff to add the requested ferns to our rooms we spotted this tournament bracket in the lobby, which piqued our interest big time:

We heard whispers that this might just be the best event going at the fest and decided we needed to go support our hometown boys:



Unfortunately, there were some losers:

But Mark Forward took it like a true Canadian: And K Trev absolutely killed it, much to the delight of surprise guest Dave Chappelle. We’re also here to shoot Just For Laughs: All Access season 4, which has given us literal all access to show rehearsals and the backstage areas. As always we’ll bring you interviews with the festival’s top talent but until we’re good and ready, please enjoy these sneak peaks from today: Tim Gilbert is a true Canadian with true Canadian thoughts:

Try to guess what we asked Eddie Pepitone to get this answer:

Andy Kindler may have killed a man but apparently he’s never killed a crowd:

He didn’t mean to but Faisal Butt gave us the best pitch for a late night talk show:

A glimpse into Mae Martin’s wonderful brain:
br>And Kurt Braunohler’s equally impressive brain:

Bert Kreisher has done it all while on stage:

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