We’ve only been here for like… uh, two… days? But already it’s felt like a million years at sea without much sleep and lots of rum onboard. What we’re trying to say is that Just For Laughs is not only a world-class comedy festival but also one of the best week-long parties of the year. Comedians don’t go to bed at reasonable hours anyway so when you give them an open bar and surround them with their peers in one hotel in one of the world’s greatest cities, you end up with whatever it is we’re groggily typing out right now.

Before any revelry yesterday we actually had to do some work, which fortunately involves checking out rehearsals and going backstage with our favourite comedians as they tape sets for Just For Laughs: All Access. Once again, here is a tiny lick of the kind of coverage we’ve been getting that will likely only get more sloppy from here on out.

Being in Montreal means talking poutine. We were honoured to have a chat with the legendary Gilbert Gottfried who told us that poutine is just find the way it is:

We’ve found that Yankees and Brits find the poutine concept disgusting—what the hell, Stuart Goldsmith, you guys put gravy on everything!

Well, Ed Gamble, we’ve been to your fish and chips shops and the food there looks like crispy poo.

K Trevor Wilson has a favourite funny word and it’s delicious too.

Christine Pazsitzky may be joking but we think this should be part of the curriculum in all Canadian schools.

Darrin Rose is right, you should really only masturbate in the living room.

Don’t worry Amanda, any word with two “o’s” is hilarious. Check out the word that starts with "p" above.

Oh, and we met Trevor Noah, no big deal. He was the funniest and the sweetest and yes, he’s even handsomer up close:

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