Friday was a huge day here at JFL what with the Comedy Pro industry conference in full swing, attracting legions of L.A.-types to a Montreal-type hotel for round after round of “let’s pretend to be nice to each other”. For us regular people who generally avoid bragging about private jets while packed in humid elevators, the conference meant awesome events like panels, podcasts and parties.

The hottest event of the day was probably the Jason Reitman-helmed live reading of The Big Lebowski starring comedy’s Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Dennis Quaid and tons more. Some of our team got in but the person explaining this to you didn’t so he’ll put aside his disappointment and confirm via hearsay that it was amazing:

Then there were the annual JFL Awards, which are generally mocked for their insignificance in the grand scheme of trophies. That didn’t stop hundreds showing up for a great show that honoured Kevin Hart, Mike Myers, Ellie Kemper, Armando Iannucci and Patton Oswalt.

And it wouldn’t be a round-up without some select Vines from our adventures in the bowels on the festival alongside the fest’s best jesters

Silicon Valley’s Thomas Middleditch is Peeny Boy!

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We all know that Reggie Watts knows funny sounds but he also is great at funny words:

Grizzled vet Chris Hardwick has seen a lot in his 60 years in comedy:


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