We rolled into this year’s Just For Laughs festival armed with a suitcase full of fun, name brand games that we’d be able to play with our favourite comedians. The aim was to film the fun and pass it onto you so that you’d get a feel for our exclusive backstage access and excellent rapport with today’s top comic minds. Unfortunately, our entire suitcase got seized at airport security because somebody left a slice of Ontario ham in there that violated cross-provincial export laws.

With but a camera left to our name, we scrambled to find something we could use to entertain our interviewees and ended up buying a version of Bingo for two dollars at a local discount store. We created an interview game whereas participants crank the Bingo dome, extract a number, then answer a corresponding question based on that number. Since it was one of the worst games we’d ever come across (what kind of a Bingo game is just numbers and no letters?), we tailored the questions around the concept of “the worst”.

Please enjoy a cavalcade of comic stars playing the inaugural round of “Dollar Store Bingo (with questions)”!