Jon Stewart only has six Daily Shows left and like anyone who’s about to quit their job, he’s been in a reeeeeal loose mood lately. It seems Jon is now fully comfortable in reflecting on his Daily Show tenure and is willing to open up about his historic run.

Last night he waddled over to The Nightly Show set for what was supposed to be an in-depth chat with Larry about Jon’s relationship with Barack Obama. But after cracking a beer and straight-up relaxing, there wasn’t much time to hard truths:

Back on The Daily Show, Jon took some time to answer some viewer questions in a new segment called “Jon Stewart’s Askhole”.

It began innocently enough with a nice custom graphic, but then Jon was met by correspondents Hasan Minhaj and Jordan Klepper who were there to ensure that Jon answered the questions honestly and without all the superfluous jokes he’s known for. It took some pretty graphic torture technics but eventually the duo got what they wanted and we finally know things like how Jon’s favourite guest is and what that damn blue paper is for: