One of the many highlights of last week’s Just For Laughs ComedyPRO Conference was the annual awards show. Though the awards don’t mean much in the grand scheme of awards, the ceremony still gathered some of comedy’s top brains for an exclusive, non-televised trophy-giving that any comedy fan would’ve loved to have seen. This year’s winners were:

Lifetime Achievement Award: Mike Myers

Comedy Person of the Year: Kevin Hart

Stand-up Comedian of the Year: Patton Oswalt

Comedy Writer of the Year: Armando Iannucci

Breakout Comedy Star of the Year: Ellie Kemper

Such an illustrious group deserves to walk on only the finest of red carpets so we had Italian tailors create a very nice one. We were there armed with camera and mic as winners and presenters walked the rug and got their take on a number of topics. Check it out!