If you’ve been ignoring the news lately in favour of developing a lemon-less “ade” made from celery, you may have missed the Rachel Dolezal race debacle. To make a short story short, Dolezal, President of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP, was outed by her parents as being a white woman despite living her life as black.

The media and the Internet have been careful not to express too strong an opinion on the matter because it’s something we’ve never really seen before, which is sort of surprising in our era of instant outrage. White people are scared to fully commit to an opinion on such a race-centered issue while black people can’t decide how they feel about someone pretending to be black for reasons other than to seem cool.

This sounds like a case for The Nightly Show!

On last night’s program there was a lot of discussion surrounding the Dolezal saga and black identity in America. Let’s start with the black community’s perspective led by Nightly Show head writer Robin Thede and contributor Mike Yard:

Then on the panel, Thede, Natasha Leggero and Killer Mike try to get into the mind of Dolezal and discuss the definition of “blackness”:

If you’re going to watch any media coverage of this ongoing saga, The Nightly Show is a much better option than a CNN anchor lobbing questions to a bunch of talking heads. Watch last night’s full episode below and tune in tonight for a new one at 11:30ep!