Colorado student Evan Young suffered through a nightmarish end to a successful high school career when his own principal banned his valedictorian speech because in it, Eric planned on coming out of the closet. Not only did the principal ban the speech, but he also told the exemplary teen’s parents about the big reveal before Evan could do it himself.

If this story were pitched to a Hollywood studio as a classic tale of good vs. evil, it might be taken as outlandish, what with the world's supposed acceptance of homosexuality. But no, it’s all real and to help make things right, Larry Wilmore invited Evan to The Nightly Show to deliver an abridged—and slightly modified by Larry—version of the speech that will show that principal and others on the wrong side of history, that the future is bright.

It’d be plain rude of us not to point out that the episode for which this clip was extracted from is available to watch without having to go to the library and dig for it in the stacks: