We were planning on getting pumped for the new season of Key & Peele by brandishing roman candles, running through the streets naked and screaming out “NEW KEY & PEELE STARTS JULY 9 AT 10:30EP ON COMEDY”, but thanks to a new sketch and public nudity laws, we don’t have to!

Whatever you were thinking of doing to get psyched should also be put on hold because the sketch in question is tailor-made for pure pumpage. It’s another accurate K&P sports goof about the lengths teams go through to get mentally nuts before a big game. We don’t want to ruin the rest for you so sit back, grab a scone, log onto your neighbour’s Wi-Fi and enjoy. Keep in mind you might get pumped too early so feel free to save this sketch until closer to July 8 if you think you won’t be able to handle it. We can’t make that decision for you as we don’t have access to your brain scans—all we got is your address, phone number, bank account info and Yelp review history. We agree, Bart's Burgers does put too much relish on its onion rings. 

Remember, the new season starts JULY 9 at 10:30ep. That’s a day later than the United Americans so don’t complain when you don’t see it on July 8.