Every dad dreams of waking up on Father’s Day to his beautiful children greeting him with a steaming pile of breakfast and cute little cards and presents made of sparkles and love. But dreams rarely come true unless you’re rich so most dads end up with a hastily-purchased Hallmark card, a chocolate bar, a magazine and their kids complaining that they’re bored.

In an effort to give dads everywhere a more realistic Father’s Day, Jimmy Kimmel issued another one of his famous YouTube Challenges, this time encouraging the public to serve their dads breakfast in the shower and film it for our enjoyment. Since most dads aren’t amphibious and prefer a dry breakfast, the results are pretty funny unless you’re disgusted by the sight of massive amounts of dad-flesh. Check out all the nudity below!

We challenge you to trick your dad into watching tonight's new episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live that features TV dad Jon Hamm and dad-havers Lizzy Caplan, Jesse Elias and Sheila E.