The 2014-15 NBA season came to a close last night with the bouncing boys of Golden State defeating the leaping lads from Cleveland to obtain the crystal skull as champions of the basketball realm. Today is a day to reflect on the past season and get excited for next year when players are cleansed, measured and paraded in front of NBA owners for the annual selection of teams and a roast beef buffet dinner.

The above paragraph is an example of comedy attempting to mix with sports. It doesn’t always work out but when it does, something magical happens--you ever seen Major League? Anyway, Jimmy Kimmel has been flaunting his sports fandom for years and has successfully emulsified it with his mischievous brand of humour, which served him well during his run of NBA Finals primetime specials over the past couple of weeks.

The specials apparently caught the eye of Hannibal Buress who attempted to use his friendship with Jimmy to score seats to Sunday’s game 5 in Oakland. Jimmy obliged, but like a mob boss asked Hannibal to provide something in return and so Hannibal brought a camera along to document his experience for the purposes of us laughing at it. It appears that Hannibal had a great time, except his seats were not exactly what he expected.

We had a hard time deciding whether to feature this video or the one with Adam Scott talking about his prosthetic penis but since Hannibal is featured on an upcoming Just For Laughs: All Access it made cross-promotional sense. Check out more Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight at midnight and tune in for a brand new Just For Laughs: All Access this Saturday at 10ep! THAT’S A MARKETING SLAM DUNK, BABY.