A new season of Funny As Hell premieres July 6 at 10:30pm ET on TMN and just because you’re too cheap to get a premium cable subscription OR your parents won’t let you watch TV because you barfed in the living room, doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the hilarity because we got a taste for you. Before you get to that we should tell you that the show features a mix of stand-up and sketch helmed by our own native son, TV’s Jon Dore, and attracts the biggest names in the biz to get in on the fun.

Below is the first Funny As Hell Digital sketch called “I’ll Go Next” starring Dore, Nathan Fielder, Nick Thune, Pete Holmes, Siobahn Murphy and Chris Locke as a group of survivors fighting to stay alive in the wake of a zombie apocalypse. You ever seen The Walking Dead? This sketch is like that but with way smarter people. Plus, it’s funny. And realistic.

Please enjoy and PLEASE watch the season 5 premiere because we promised TMN that with this blog post we’d get them an additional 1 million viewers. If we don’t fulfil our promise we told them we’d knit duck sweaters for their whole staff, which would be monumental considering we don’t know how to knit.